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What is SureSmile®?

SureSmile® uses bespoke, comfortable and clear aligners to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted in a highly aesthetic way. In a similar way to other removable aligner systems, SureSmiles® clear aligners are completely discreet, with no visible or uncomfortable metal brackets or wires at all. The aligners slowly move your teeth into straighter positions, using gentle forces to create your dream result.

Although it is an advanced orthodontic treatment, SureSmile® is extremely easy to use. The aligners are removable, allowing you to eat and drink whatever you choose, and brush your teeth as normal. There is no need to drastically change your lifestyle for the treatment to work effectively, as SureSmile® fits perfectly into your daily routines. All you need to do is make sure you wear the aligners for at least 22 hours per day to keep your treatment on track.

How can SureSmile® Aligners help me?

SureSmile® aligners are becoming increasingly popular with patients looking for a discreet, removable, and very comfortable straightening method, even in complex cases. The aligners can be used to correct misalignment, straighten crooked teeth and close gaps, with predictable treatment and shorter appointments making them an attractive option.

What does SureSmile® treatment involve?

If you are interested in SureSmile® treatment to change the appearance of your smile, we arrange an initial consultation. At this appointment, we discuss what you want to improve and your ideal results, and examine your teeth to make sure you are suitable for treatment. Using our digital equipment, we take scans and images of your teeth.

We use our advanced software and technology to plan your treatment, ensuring your aligners are precise, comfortable, and move your teeth with maximum accuracy. Your treatment plan includes the exact number of bespoke aligners needed to achieve your dream smile, and how long this should take.

When your aligners are ready, we show you how to put them in and out of your mouth with ease. You are sure to be delighted with how comfortable and clear they are; the aligners truly are nearly invisible when worn! Each set of aligners is worn for 1-2 weeks before moving to the next set, with scheduled in-practice appointments allowing us to keep an eye on your progress.

When you have worn your last aligner, your treatment is complete! It is always our favourite part of treatment when we see how delighted you are with your new smile. We provide you with a retainer to maintain your straight teeth and give you some tips on how to wear this before leaving you to enjoy smiling with pride!

Frequently asked questions

  • The total time it takes for your SureSmile® aligners to straighten your teeth depends on the results you wish to achieve and how far your teeth have to move. Most SureSmile® cases are completed in an average of 6-18 months, and we will give you an estimate of your treatment timescale at your initial consultation.

  • Your SureSmile® aligners are designed with complete comfort in mind. We use precise digital scans to ensure they have a snug fit, bespoke to you. Removable aligners don’t require the same tightening process as fixed braces, so are not painful. You may experience some tightness or slight discomfort with a new aligner, but this is temporary.

  • Wearing a retainer is a really important part of your orthodontic treatment, designed to keep your teeth straight for the long term. If they are left without retention following treatment, your teeth will gradually move back to their original positions, ruining all your hard work. We recommend you wear a retainer for as long as you want your teeth to remain straight, and are happy to advise on the type of retainer suitable for you and when to wear it.

  • SureSmile® and Invisalign® are ostensibly quite similar systems, designed to successfully straighten your teeth using clear aligner technology. SureSmile® tends to work faster, and requires fewer adjustments during treatment. It is also more affordable. However, Invisalign® is very popular with patients, as it has been established for longer and is a more familiar name. We are happy to advise which clear aligner system would be best for you.

  • You should avoid eating or drinking anything other than plain water when you are wearing your SureSmile® aligners. However, you don’t have to dramatically change your diet or lifestyle. The aligners are removable, so you can take them out of your mouth for short periods of time each day to eat and drink whatever you choose. All you have to do is remember to put them back in afterwards!

  • Looking after your SureSmile® aligners couldn’t be easier! They can be taken out of your mouth for cleaning, and we do recommend using a specialist cleaner regularly, which we can advise you on. Please put your aligners in a hard container when you remove them for eating, so they do not get damaged. We have seen many aligners that have broken after being put in a pocket or wrapped in a tissue!

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