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Spread the cost of your dental implant treatment with our payment plans, arranged using our finance partner Medenta.

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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, placed into your jawbone to provide a solid foundation for a replacement tooth fixed on top. They are made from titanium, which is very well tolerated by the body and allows the implant to fuse to the surrounding bone to create a strong and secure root.

We can use dental implants to replace a single tooth, or multiple missing teeth across a larger gap. Strategically placed implants can even be used to add stability to loose and uncomfortable dentures, returning the ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence. Implants truly are the next best thing to natural teeth, restoring look, feel and function in an innovative restoration that really does improve your quality of life.

Same day implants

At Portlethen Dental, we are proud to offer same day implants, allowing you to walk out of your implant procedure with fully functioning teeth, all in one day! We use advanced digital equipment and techniques to create a long lasting new smile even in more complex cases. Through careful and accurate planning, your failed teeth can be removed, the implants inserted and securely fixed replacement teeth fitted on top in just one visit to our practice. You won’t believe the difference it can make!

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What does dental implant treatment involve?

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We begin all our implant treatments with a thorough consultation appointment. During this, we assess your suitability for implants and guide you through the options for your treatment. We encourage you to ask any questions about the procedure and talk about your ideal results.

Using our innovative digital technology, we take scans and images of your teeth and carefully plan the most accurate and optimum positions for your implants. Our focus is on providing you with the very best bespoke care.

The titanium implant is fitted into your jaw by our skilled implant dentist during a minor surgical procedure. We use local anaesthetic to minimise your discomfort, and you shouldn’t feel any pain.

The implant takes several months to heal and fuse to the surrounding jawbone. If you are suitable for same day implants, we fit a beautifully natural looking replacement tooth, or several teeth, securely on top before you leave the practice. In other cases, we can fit a temporary denture to protect your gum.

When your implant is fully healed and integrated, your replacement teeth are exchanged for your final fixed teeth. We work with you to ensure your smile looks exactly how you want it and remains strong and secure for the long term.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Your dental implant has the potential to last a lifetime! Implants are permanent restorations, fusing to your jawbone to become just like a natural fixed tooth root. If you look after them properly, including maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist for regular appointments, they should remain problem free for the long term. The crown or bridge fixed on top of your implant may need to be replaced over time due to normal wear and tear.

  • Dental implant treatment is not painful. We use local anaesthetic during the procedure to help you feel comfortable and at ease. We also ensure you are feeling relaxed and ready before we begin. Following treatment, you will likely experience a level of discomfort as the anaesthetic wears off. This can be managed with pain relief, as advised by your dentist. Many patients find that implant treatment is less painful than having a tooth extracted.

  • If you are unsure if you would be suitable for same day implants, don’t worry! We are here to help. During your initial consultation, we carefully assess your teeth and gums, and may take a digital x-ray to aid our diagnosis. The good news is most patients are suitable for implants, as long as they are generally healthy and in good oral health.

  • Dental implants are incredibly aesthetic, and function exactly like natural teeth. You will have no problems with talking or eating, and will be able to smile with confidence in public. If you have a single implant, we can match the shape and colour of your existing teeth when creating your replacement tooth so it fits seamlessly into your smile. No one will be able to tell you have an implant unless you tell them!

  • The alternatives to dental implants for one or more missing teeth are bridges and dentures. These restorations are more affordable than an implant, but don’t carry the same superior stability or aesthetics. They will likely not last as long. If you want to replace your missing teeth, we are happy to discuss all the treatment options with you and find the most suitable one.

  • You will likely find that dental implants affect your speech in a very positive way. A gap in your teeth can cause speech issues such as a lisp, but having an implant fitted can improve this. As implants are fused to your jawbone and provide a solid foundation, you may find your speech becomes clearer and you feel more confident speaking in public.

  • To look after your dental implants effectively, simply treat them just like your natural teeth. Implants are unable to decay, but it is important that you continue to brush and floss to keep the surrounding gum healthy. Your dentist will keep an eye on your implants at your regular check up appointments, making sure they are remaining problem free.

  • The length of your implant treatment will depend on your individual case and the type of implants we are fitting. We will be able to give you an idea of the timescales of your treatment at your initial consultation appointment. If the best aesthetic results can come quickly then we will deliver that. However, we pride ourselves on how good our treatment is, not how quickly it can be done, and we do not compromise long-term success for better cash flow and short-term outcomes.

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