Add volume to your skin for a refreshed and youthful look

An effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, boosting collagen levels in your skin for a youthful and refreshed appearance.

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We’ve provided many patients with a refreshed, natural and youthful look with dermal filler treatment. Find out how dermal fillers could help you achieve your dream outcome.

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Spread the cost of treatment

We know your treatment can be expensive, which is why we are pleased to offer ways to spread the cost.

Our payment plans, arranged with Patient Plan Direct, enable you to pay in affordable monthly instalments. Talk to us about our payment options today.

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What are the benefits of dermal fillers?

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  • Quick, simple and safe treatment
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Achieve hydrated and healthy looking skin
  • Reverse facial sagging and fine lines
  • Immediately visible and lasting results

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are an effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. We offer our clients Restylane and Hydra-fil fillers, both of which are made from natural ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body and is used to replenish hydration and volume and add a youthful plumpness to the skin.

Dermal fillers tackle dullness and sagging caused by a lack of collagen in the skin that is associated with ageing. The treatment process is quick, simple, and safe, with results lasting around 6-9 months.

What does dermal filler treatment involve?

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We begin with a thorough consultation, ensuring you understand the treatment and discussing your ideal results. We give you the chance to ask any questions about the procedure and plan the placement of your fillers. If you are happy to proceed, we obtain your informed consent to continue.

We make sure you are feeling comfortable and relaxed before we begin your treatment. If needed, we use local anaesthetic to minimise your discomfort before inserting the dermal fillers using a fine needle.

The treatment is over after around 10-15 minutes and your results are visible straight away. We make sure you are happy with your new look and can even provide you with a comparison to your initial look.

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Dermal Fillers by AD Aesthetics & Dentistry

Frequently asked questions

  • The length of time depends on your individual skin, but most patients see results that last around 6-12 months. You can maintain your enhanced appearance with top up treatments as required.

  • Yes, when carried out by a trained and qualified professional, dermal fillers are completely safe. We take the time to go through the procedure in detail with you before we begin, ensuring you understand the treatment and have the chance to ask questions. We are experienced in the safe delivery of the treatment.

  • We use local anaesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable during the dermal filler procedure, and you shouldn’t feel any pain. We make sure you are feeling relaxed and ready before treatment begins, and use very fine needles to help with any discomfort.

  • There is no need to factor in recovery time after your treatment, and you can go back to your normal daily routines straight after your appointment. You may experience some swelling in the treated area, but this will be short-lived.

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