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What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a quick, simple and very effective way to repair small areas of damage to your teeth, or improve their overall appearance. The treatment is becoming increasingly popular with patients looking to achieve a transformed smile in a much faster time than other cosmetic dental treatments. You can walk out of our practice smiling with pride after just one short appointment!

Composite is a dental resin material made from a mix of plastic and glass which can perfectly mimic tooth enamel. We build the composite in layers directly onto your tooth to create the desired size and shape, and therefore do not need to remove any enamel or structure to accommodate it.

What can composite bonding be used for?

Composite bonding is often used to give a pain-free, simple and quick smile makeover, enhancing the look of one or more teeth. Chips, small areas of damage and even small gaps between teeth can be very effectively repaired with natural looking composite bonding treatment. We can also use composite material and bonding techniques to create a brand new smile, with improved aesthetics and colour giving you outstanding results.

What does composite bonding treatment involve?

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We begin your composite bonding appointment by ensuring we understand exactly what you are looking to achieve from the treatment, and giving you the chance to ask us any questions.

We carefully clean and dry your tooth, or multiple teeth, and apply a specially formulated gel to create a rough texture on the surface. This helps the composite material bond quickly and effectively to your tooth.

We colour match the composite material to the shade of your natural teeth, or the new shade you have chosen, and apply it in layers. We gradually and accurately build up the desired size and shape.

The composite is hardened with a blue UV light and sets immediately. We polish your teeth to leave them looking beautifully shiny, smooth and healthy. No recovery time is needed, and your teeth regain full function straight away.

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Composite Bonding by AD Aesthetics & Dentistry

Frequently asked questions

  • The composite material lasts on average 5-7 years before needing to be replaced. It can chip, break or become worn over time, but is very easily repaired in a quick appointment if necessary.

  • Yes, if it chips or suffers a small amount of damage, your composite bonding can be repaired effectively. The composite material bonds to itself as well as your tooth surface, meaning we can easily fix the damage. In some cases, we may choose to remove the old bonding and completely replace this, but it still takes place in one appointment.

  • No, composite bonding treatment is not painful. In fact, as the composite is built up on the surface of your tooth and no natural structure or enamel needs to be removed, the treatment is completely pain free and you will remain comfortable throughout.

  • Yes, as none of the natural tooth structure or enamel is removed to accommodate the composite material, the treatment process can be reversed. If you change your mind, want to opt for a different cosmetic treatment, or simply want the composite material taken off, we can remove it carefully and safely, leaving your teeth exactly as they were before.

  • The best way to care for your tooth following composite bonding treatment is to keep up with a good brushing and flossing routine at home. The composite material can’t decay, but the tooth underneath can, so make sure you are brushing effectively twice a day to avoid this. Your dentist will be able to keep an eye on your composite bonding at your regular check ups.

  • No, composite bonding material will not damage your teeth. It is applied to the surface of the tooth, does not require any changes to your natural tooth structure, and can be removed without issue if needed.

  • No-one will be able to tell you have composite bonding material on your teeth unless you tell them! The composite is very carefully matched to your natural tooth shade to create a completely seamless effect, or used to brighten your whole smile.

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