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At Portlethen Dental, we are so confident in our work that we guarantee what we do. We hope this reassures you of the quality of our care and service.

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Our guarantees

Implants – 10 year guarantee

Any implant failing to integrate will be removed and, if considered necessary for the long-term success of the case, will be replaced at no additional cost.

Restorations – 5 year guarantee

On implants completed by Portlethen Dental Care, any fractures or failures of porcelain or other prosthodontic components will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost. It is important that patients who grind their teeth should wear the night guard/bite plate, which will be given to them with the permanent teeth.

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Conditions of guarantee

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  • The patient must attend annually for clinical evaluation, x-rays and periodontal assessment.
  • The patient must carry out cleaning instructions in order to maintain reasonably good oral hygiene. Failure to clean the teeth properly as instructed will result in food entrapment, which could result in infection & implant loss.
  • Where instructed a night guard / bite plate must be worn.
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