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We’re so proud of the reviews and feedback we receive from our valued patients, and appreciate the time taken for them to give us their thoughts. Have a look at some of our latest reviews below.

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“After suffering years of constant problems with a ‘post crown’ tooth which repeatedly worked itself loose, and which had eventually led to a gum abscess problem, Geoffrey clearly explained the various treatment options available to me to address these problems.

The ‘dental implant’ option was undoubtedly, by far the best option – it provided me with a permanently fixed and perfectly fitted tooth, and also addressed and resolved my gum abscess problem.

I’m absolutely delighted in every way with the end result, and would have no hesitation /in recommending dental implants to anyone.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to you and all your team for the truly wonderful job you all did throughout the entire process.”


“I just wanted to pass on my grateful thanks for the fantastic work you have done over the past year with my teeth. As you know I have had 2 implants and 2 crowns carried out. The environment in your surgery is very relaxed and friendly. This really helped me to cope with the procedures.

When I had the implant surgery, yourself and your dental nurse worked amazingly well to perform such a professional job.

Now the work is complete I am very happy with the end result. My teeth look amazing and I haven’t been able to say that for a very long time.

I would highly recommend Geoff and his team at Portlethen Dental Practice.”


“Dr Geoffrey Gordon is an extremely knowledgeable, highly competent, personable and professional dentist. Geoff provides a very high standard of dental treatment on each visit.

We trust Geoff’s skill and judgement. Geoff instils confidence through his positive and caring approach. We hold Geoff’s expertise and professionalism in high regard and cannot recommend Geoff highly enough.”

Maureen and Fiona

“I wanted to drop you an email following my final appointment.

Thanks for all the professional advice and care you have provided over the course of my treatment.

I am so delighted with the result you have created, I now have teeth which I’m not ashamed of and can once more smile in public. It really is remarkable how you have transformed my teeth from how they previously looked.

Throughout all the procedures the treatment was entirely pain free – I can’t say that for other Dentists!

You and Bruce make a great team, both very understanding of the patients’ needs and we always managed to have a laugh along the way. Thanks also to Nicole and Bex for their care and support during treatment.

Once again many thanks for returning my smile and providing me with functioning teeth once more.”


“I highly recommend Portlethen Dental Clinic for all dental related procedures, especially tooth implants and crowns.

The procedures from start to finish were carefully planned and implemented in accordance with my expectations related to structure, shade, etc. using the latest dental equipment and skills available.

Dr. Geoffrey Gordon described each stage clearly ensuring I was at ease throughout and I experienced no pain or gum infections due to the high standard of care before, during and after each step.

For cutting edge dental technology and skill, visit Portlethen Dental Clinic to see what can be achieved for teeth and gum care.”


“I had cosmetic dentistry done around 5 years ago. Although I always looked after my teeth, I was never happy with them. I discussed with Geoff who set out a plan and I decided to get the whole lot done.

I went to see Dr Strickland at the practice, who did the implants and it went extremely well. Geoff did all other work which took a year to complete. I’ve had so many compliments since having it done and it’s something I’ve never regretted doing.”


“I have been a customer at Portlethen Dental Care for many years and recently opted for Dental Implants and teeth-whitening.

The initial discussions about exact requirements were clear and concise and in the form of recommendations rather than any pressure to proceed.

Costs were transparent up front and the whole process was handled in a very professional and pain-free way.

I am absolutely delighted with the results and the follow-up care I receive from all the staff at the clinic.”


“I can’t thank Geoff enough for transforming my mouth. From the initial consultation, I was blown away with the technology used to show me how the end results will look. This gave me the confidence to go ahead with all the work required. A treatment plan was created and work began – all done very professional yet laid back and caring at the same time.

Thanks to all involved in my treatment plan – I have no hesitation in recommending Portlethen Dental Practise to anyone.”


“I can’t thank Portlethen Dental Care enough. As my grandma would always say you only get one set of teeth so look after them. I always have, I go to the dentist every 6 months Geoff had spoken about my bite and how that was wearing my teeth down. My teeth were getting smaller and smaller and I was becoming more and more aware and conscious of my smile. I have undergone work and can’t believe the difference. I look at picture now and delighted to see my beautiful full teeth and a sparkly smile. I have been complimented on the them over and over again.

I think the most important thing during this full treatment plan is that I have trusted Geoff 100% the appointments have been convenient. I can’t recommend Portlethen Dental Care.”


“I cannot recommend highly enough the level of professionalism shown to me by “Portlethen Dental Care” when, after 40 years of dentures, I finally changed to implants.

The planning, consultancy, pricing and execution of the surgery was first class with every detail and concern discussed and agreed throughout – so I knew at all stages what was happening, what I was getting, what to expect and what the end product would be
It has truly changed my personal and mental attitude to life giving a new borne confidence.

After the surgery the care continued and I was carefully monitored for the following days and months to ensure that I was following instructions and that all was well.

I feel very lucky that I have such competent, professional and friendly surgeons and staff for my dental requirements.”


“I have recently become a member of Portlethen Dental and have had the honour to meet Dr Geoffery Gordon, being the senior he took on my request to rebuild my top and bottom teeth with zirconia crowns creating a new bite height and of course a beautiful new smile. I found it very surprising to find someone local and so close to work that could perform such a professional job!

I would highly recommend his expertise to all custom and I feel super confident with my new smile! he is motivated and friendly with bags of talent and always wants the best for his client.”


“All my adult life I had a morbid fear of the dentist and required extensive treatment. Dr Geoffrey Gordon was very supportive and understanding to me throughout my treatment. Thanks to his professionalism and kindness I now have a confident smile and no longer hide when there is a camera around!”


“How a little piece of plastic changed my life. I was sceptical at first when Geoff suggested a mouth splint to relive the tension in my jaw and prevent cracked teeth through clenching. But thought what harm could it do (except to my pocket) it might save me more crowns and damage to my existing teeth.”


“I recently had work done on my teeth with which I am absolutely delighted. I had a replacement bridge made and a crown for my two upper front teeth and I have hardly stopped smiling since! My teeth before the work were misaligned and discoloured. Now I have two perfectly matched teeth and I must commend the attention to details and overall service of Dr Gordon and the rest of the staff.”


“Over the past 5 years you have transformed my teeth…. Nothing was ever too much trouble and you could see how much you were dedicated to, and enjoy your work, even at its most challenging. I know, as I often offered you that experience! So Geoff, I wish you every (continued) success I know all will be well as you are ‘simply the best’.”


“Over a 2 year period, Geoff Gordon did a brilliant job with my severe dental problems. My whole mouth was remodelled – I had nearly 20 crowns fitted, and a dental implant with bone and skin grafts. The work was done to complete satisfaction, and the results are fantastic.”


“Just wanted to thank Geoff and his staff for the wonderful work that he carried out on my teeth to give me the smile that I have always dreamed of. I am absolutely over the moon and can’t thank you enough. Thank you Geoff, your hard work, your patience, your expertise and skills have been very much appreciated.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Geoff and his staff for my dental care. To the hygienist who gave me my first proper clean. Thanks to Nicole, who works so well as Geoff’s nurse and the rest of the team, but a special thanks must go to Geoff for persevering with my root treatments spanning nearly a year! Allow me to be momentarily bold … if ever there was man, made to be a dentist he must surely be Geoff. Thank you so much for your attention to detail, consideration, and excellent dental care.”


“I have been very satisfied with the extensive dental treatment carried out by Dr Gordon. I could see that the process required thoroughness and a lot of skill. Never did I feel anxious during the treatment. Dr Gordon is always friendly, with a reassuring manner, and is interested in the patient, welcoming questions and giving clear answers. The treatment has proved to be successful and I am delighted with the result.”

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