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We understand that you may be feeling nervous about visiting the dentist, and want to do all we can to help. Dental anxiety is very common, but can cause some patients to avoid regular appointments and treatment that protects their teeth and gums. At Portlethen Dental, we prioritise trust, health and safety, taking a gentle approach to your care to help you feel at ease and gain more confidence in attending our friendly and welcoming practice.

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Sedation options for nervous patients

Our treatment is always delivered gently, with careful consideration of your comfort in a relaxed and stress-free environment.

Dental implants are routinely provided under local anaesthetic either with or without sedation, depending on your choice. However, we can also offer sedation for nervous patients or for those who wish to feel more relaxed throughout the treatment process.

We offer two types of conscious sedation:

Intravenous sedation – is given via a small injection in the back of your hand or your arm. We can carefully monitor the amount given and it takes only a short amount of time to take effect and get you feeling more relaxed.

Oral sedation – is taken as a tablet one hour before your appointment. It is able to calm you and take the edge off your dental anxiety, leaving you more willing and able to undergo treatment.

Is dental sedation safe?

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Dental sedation treatment is completely safe when administered by a trained and experienced professional clinician. We take patient safety very seriously, and take the time to ensure you are aware of what to expect. Before any sedation is given we undertake careful medical screening to assess your suitability.

If you choose to have sedation, we talk you through the process and protocols involved during a consultation before your appointment. We make sure you understand what will be happening and how the sedation will make you feel. You will be awake throughout, but in a relaxed state, largely unaware of what is happening around you. You will likely not remember much about the dental treatment at all once it is over. During the treatment, to ensure your safety, we carefully monitor your blood oxygen levels, heart rate and blood pressure.

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