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At Portlethen Dental, we use cutting-edge digital technology to deliver accurate and precise treatments and achieve exceptional results. We believe in giving all our patients the very best care, and our digital dentistry is a large part of this. It allows us to clearly show you the treatment plan and process and help you understand our procedures. We are constantly adding to and upgrading our equipment to bring you the highest standard possible.

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Digital smile studio

If you are thinking about improving your smile, look no further than our Digital Smile Studio.

We can digitally design your smile, giving you the chance to see the end result before you decide to go ahead with treatment. The outcome is predictable treatment with a finished smile to your exact standards that you can be proud of.

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Intraoral camera

We use an intraoral camera to accurately look at areas of the mouth which can otherwise be hard to reach. It can also be used to take high-quality colour pictures of the teeth and gums, essential in treatments such as Invisalign and restorative dentistry.

The intraoral camera can also be used to effectively spot dental issues such as decay, damage and the beginnings of gum disease. At Portlethen Dental, we have intraoral cameras in every surgery to enhance the patient experience.

Digital radiography

Digital radiography enables us to provide highly accurate diagnosis and treatment, elevating your experience. The digital X-rays have a far superior clarity and quality, producing an exceptionally detailed image that shows even the tiniest details. Your exposure to radiation is reduced, a key consideration for many patients.

The digital X-ray is able to be viewed immediately and it can be easily repeated straight away if necessary. It can be shared with other dental professionals if required without issue.

iTero scanner

We can take highly accurate and detailed 3D images of your teeth in minutes with the innovative iTero digital scanner. It removes the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions and can be easily repeated if necessary to achieve the best results.

The iTero scanner is very useful in cosmetic dental treatments. In many cases, particularly in orthodontics, we can show you your predicted new smile before your treatment has even begun, and detailed digital models promote a better final outcome. The scanner also enables custom-made items, including Invisalign aligners and whitening trays, to be created quickly and accurately.


Our CEREC machine enables us to provide incredibly accurate, comfortable and advanced dental restorations in just one visit to the practice. This state-of-the-art technology creates your new crown, bridge or other restoration while you wait, saving you precious time and multiple appointments.

CEREC removes the need for uncomfortable and messy impressions, as we use digital intraoral scans to capture precise and detailed images to create your dental restoration. The CEREC process is quick, safe, comfortable and highly efficient, producing long lasting and aesthetic results.

3D printing

Our rapid shape 3D printer enables us to create highly detailed models of your teeth, which we can use to ensure your final restoration is both accurate and comfortable, completely bespoke to you. We no longer need to take impressions and send them to a laboratory in order for a model to be created; everything can be done in our practice.

We can also use our advanced 3D printer to produce splints and temporary dental restorations on site. This ensures you are never without teeth and enhances our patient care and service.

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CBCT scans

Our state-of-the-art CBCT scanner produces highly detailed images of the mouth, improving our diagnosis and treatment planning, and ultimately giving a better final outcome. The scan itself is minimally invasive, quick and pain free, and can easily be repeated if necessary. We can use it to give you a clearer understanding of your treatment and make sure you are comfortable with the next steps.

We can use CBCT scans to aid precise dental implant planning and placement, to gain a detailed picture of your tooth for successful endodontic treatment and to diagnose issues with your teeth prior to orthodontic treatment. The CBCT scanner has transformed the way we can treat our patients, particularly in complex cases.

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